Hygienic Inspections VDI 6022


Ventilation systems (RLT systems) represent by a wrong planning, installation and maintenance a possible source of germs and other impurities in the indoor air for the user.
To prevent this, was by the VDI (Association of German engineers) a guideline for hygienic flawless Operation of these plants developed.
The guideline defines the requirements for the planning, production and erection as well as the operation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems and describes the necessary measuring procedures and methods for hygiene inspections.

A distinction is made between a sanitary first inspection and a hygiene inspection in accordance with VDI 6022. The initial inspection must be carried out before commissioning of the ventilation system at the latest when the system is handed over.
The following inspections must be carried out every two or three years, depending on the system. Our services for hygiene inspections: Hygiene First inspection of newly constructed air conditioning systems Hygiene First inspection of existing air conditioning systems Hygiene Repeat inspections every 2 or 3 years Prepare checklists and instructions for routine controls on air handling systems Determination of dust occupancy in the humidification system "Broom purity" Determination of bacterial count (CFU) in the room air Maintenance of ventilation systems in accordance with VDI 6022B Creation of renovation plans and joint implementation of these at your RLT systems by our certified specialists (category A and B VDI 6022) Our VDI 6022 Category A certified engineers will take care of them all relevant tests in accordance with VDI 6022 and guarantee you and your users safe and pleasant use of your ventilation systems.