Selz Engineering GmbH is your partner for Engineering, Controlling und Optimimising for all kind and sizes of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

Through decades of experience in this sector, we can offer the optimal solution to your challenges.
We are your partner in control of planning services.
We are your advisor during the construction phase as well as problems with your home automation system.
We specialize in the optimization of HVAC systems, such as Heating systems (setting the rules, hydraulic balancing, consideration of the overall system, long-term tracking of the heating system in function), Ventilation Systems or Air Conditioning Systems.

We are your specialist if you have an HVAC system which does not meet your requirements and you want to improve it.
We offer all relevant ventilation and air-conditioning inspections after VDI 6022 and Energetic inspection to ENEV §12 for you.

If you have questions, so we look forward to your reply.
Selz Engineering GmbH
Engineering firm for HVAC

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