Energetic Inspections Air Conditioning Systems

Energetic inspection of air conditioning systems in accordance with §12 ENEV

Since the ENEV 2007 edition, §12 has required an energetic inspection of air conditioning systems with a thermal output greater than 12 kW.
The purpose of this law is to check and inspect larger air-conditioning systems for their dimensioning and efficiency of the components and to prepare an inspection report with energy-saving measures that can be implemented simply and cost-effectively.
For this purpose, the air conditioning system and the building as a whole are considered and checked. All air conditioning systems above 12 kW (single split, VRF, ventilation units with cooling function) must be tested, with the exception of industrial and process cooling. The test must be carried out 10 years after commissioning of the system and every 10 years thereafter or after a fundamental energetic change in the air conditioning system.

Non-execution of this law constitutes a misdemeanour, which can be punished in Germany with up to 15000 Euro.
We offer you this inspection by our trained engineers and support you in the implementation of this ENEV requirement.